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Weakened character - L. Webester; Opinion; Fresno Bee - 23 Aug.

"Sadly, a condition I term the "anything you can get away with is OK attitude,' I firmly believe, undermines the quality of our national character and weakens our individual personal responsibility.

This condition has worsened alarmingly during the past decade. It shows itself in a lack of national character in much of our television shows, talk shows, movies and indeed among persons we deal with in our daily lives. We see it while driving our streets and highways, purchasing goods in our shops and dealing with politicians. There is a lack of moral role models in government. Indeed, when the President of the United States, a person who holds the highest office in the land and is by any measurement placed in a position of being the role model for all of America, can exercise this attitude and be successful with it, is bound to have a tremendous influence in the downward spiral of our national character. I find this one of many examples of amoral character and lack of personal responsibility, proof of the gradual decline in our world leadership and loss of national pride.

We the people must take much of the blame for the slip into this despicable national attitude and I urge everyone to look closely to what each can do to reverse it..."

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