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Yep. I did. Thanks for the correction.

On 9/3/99 1:14:54 PM, Gina wrote:
>Yes Sweet and Sad...sure hope
>Andy can get a variance of
>some kind and go back to
>taking care of God's precious
>wildlife. HEY! I know, let's
>see he lives on a South Lake,
>a dead end road maybe they
>should start petitioning New
>York's Herkimer County where
>the property is located for
>the dead end road to be
>dedicated to Andy as a gift &
>renamed "Andy's Deer Way" for
>being so caring of wildlife.
>Another way might be, if his
>neighbors are open to Andy's
>continuing to feed the deer
>they could petition to have
>the road changed from public
>to private access for the
>homes addressed to it. Hmmmmm
>think I'll go post it over
>there & send and e-mail. Any
>other suggestions for all "U"
>wonderful brain stormer's out
>DJ I think you left off the l
>at the end of the URL...try
>this one:
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