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LOL. The day of assumption... a new holiday!

I think I was born real early like 2 am or something. I will check when I get home and post it tonight.

On 9/3/99 8:45:00 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Dang! I should have followed
>my ~Intuition~. Right after I
>posted occured to me
>that not EVERYONE will know
>what a "transit" is and I
>attempted to clarify it with a
>second post...and rethought
>that. Obviously I shouldn't
>have! *LOL*
>A "transit" is the climate at
>this particular time! Since
>Mars is a pretty quickly
>moving planet (so to
>speak)...this transit isn't in
>effect for long...unless it
>goes which
>'ll experience it
>BTW....Did you ever tell me
>the TIME of your Birth? I'm
>using 9:00 AM but I can't
>remember if that was upon your
>say so....or if I stuck it in
>because I had nothing else!

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