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As long as it's good! I have been called an "imp" before by a former manager but I think she meant that in a nice sort of way!!!

Yes. I love frosted wheat too! In fact, we just ran out and I have to go get more!
But my all time favorite cereal is Honey combs!

I had pizza last night. I got brave and decided to try the Sicilian here at a local shop. It was a mistake. I will just have to stick to the original!

On 9/3/99 8:16:09 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Yep! That's what you are
>*S*...a Pip! A pip is a GOOD
>thing though! patos is a pip
>too! *LOL*
>Anyway....your diet (although
>I'm sure some would argue with
>that designation) is sooooo
>like mine it's eerie! *LOL*
>I too live on Pizza (which you
>mentioned in an earlier post)
>and coffee and coke!
>Please don't tell me that you
>like Frosted Shredded Wheat
>too or I really WILL fall off
>my chair! *LOL*

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