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Well, you're right of course! *LOL* You didn't say that you were a night person...and we CAN'T be cook cutters! (too cute *LOL*) BUT...DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shoulda known that! *LOL* I do Web Design so I'm on the computer all day too! *S*

As you can probably guess though...I like to do just the Art work...and leave the other "stuff" my partner! *S*

As for geeks: That's my entire family! *LOL* We have 5 computers in this for each of us...with one extra. (I still haven't gotten my husband to move it to the bathroom....but I do have my lap top! *hehehe*) Anyway...we're all ~Networked~ when they want to tell me something....they can now E-mail or Uh Oh me on ICQ! *LOL*

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