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Thanks, but I am confused. It seems that with the Transiting Mars Square
Progressed Mercury - this must
are always there for me, since I am always confused and conflicted!


On 9/3/99 8:31:37 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Hey DJ....I read about your
>stubbing your I took
>a look at your chart. You
>have Transiting Mars square
>(uneasy energy flow) your
>Natal (birth) Mercury....This
>is the interp for it! *LOL*
>Transiting Mars Square
>Progressed Mercury -
>Agitated mind. Working under
>stress. Pressure to solve
>problems. Hectic conditions.
>The necessity to get things
>done rapidly. Irritations.
>Injuries. Impulsive reactions,
>anger, hostility, conflicts of
>interest, etc. Criticism and
>I thought you might get a
>chuckle out of the "injuries"
>part of it! *LOL*

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