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Well, I didn't say I was a night person either lol! Well, we can't be cookie cutters now, can we?! lol. Otherwise, we wouldn't have anything to talk about!

Sorry for assuming. I take it for granted that everyone is 100% computer literate since I work amongst the geekiest of the geeks.

PIII is the new computer system I got this morning at work. It's a Pentium III-500 (There is currently only one faster machine on the market and its a Pentium III-800). This one is faster than the ones I have at home (which are AMD based computers, similar to pentium II 350's).

Anyway, it's always a special treat to get a new toy. Even if it is at work, since I spend all day on these things. (insert smiley face here).

On 9/3/99 8:20:35 AM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>Hey DJ
>Whoops! I spoke too soon. I
>found our difference. I'm
>very MUCH a morning person.
>In fact....I'm so "morning" a
>person...that I usually get to
>hang out with the night
>owls...because they're still
>up when I'm GETTING up.
>As for the "PIII"
>thingy....I'm glad you're
>happy about it...but WHAT is
>it??? *ignorant look on face*

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