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Ok. I woke up groggy as usual this morning. I am not a morning person, but I choose to work from 5 am - 2 p.m. because I like spending time with my son and being at home in the afternoon. My choice

So I wake up this morning, with my sinus infection going strong, stub my toe on the bedpost. My usual early a.m. routine.
I leave the house late and get to work to find our September cricket invasion going strong. I am terrified of insects, so I skip, hop and run through the parking lot trying to dodge the swarm of crickets heading my way. This is entirely too much effort for this time of the morning.

I head through the dark hallway in my building (dark cause not a nothing intelligent human would be at work at this ungodly time!), and catch the elevator up to my floor. (3rd floor mind you. Texas is not known for its high rise buildings!) I stop by and pick up my morning coke and head to my office. Here's where it gets good!

A box in my way. Hey, wait.. it's a brand new PIII.. oh, yeah baby! come to mama!

Add a new one to my collection (I already run a pII-350 and a P-200) I love my job today. Nothing can go wrong. I have my new toy and nothing can make a computer geek happier. Add to that its a holiday weekend. Add to that I am taking vacation days on Tuesday and Wednesday!

DJ is set! Anyone want to rub their monitor and soak in some of my good luck? Who knows it may work!

Have a great day everyone.

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