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Absolutely Jolo! We need to stop and "smell" all of that. That's why I love teaching, and counseling. So many people have lost their way. They're so emersed in trying to "get somewhere" that they forget to enjoy the ride. The weak side of all of us also has a propensity towards pride. We call it "protection" and "right"...but it's pride. If an argument between friends or family members happens...every party involved waits for "the other person" to apologize first. We both know that doesn't get anyone anywhere. And as for "success" that coveted position everyone spends their life vying for....It doesn't matter who a person's Mother or Father was...or they they weren't for that matter...we all have just as much of a chance of achieving happiness and success as the next person. No one gets a "free ride" in life. We all learn as we go along. Everyone is a student. Everyone is a teacher. We just have to start looking at one another with a new set of eyes. As it has so been written, Success is a Journey...not a Destination. The only chains that bind us...any of us...are the ones which we ourselves create. It's great when we can get that message to your young children right from the get go....but you know what? If it doesn't's not too late to teach them when they're older! It's never too late. Today truly is...the first day...of the rest of our lives! And, that's where we all come into play too. If we see someone struggling, we shouldn't wait for "the other guy" to help...WE have to learn to step in. It can be something as simple as a smile...that brightens someone else's day. I know I've given em...and I've got em too *S*...and the ~lilt~ in my heart was equally as BIG regards of whether I was the giver or the receiver! Happiness is like's infectious! *S*

And as for the pent us stress you talked about...YEP!!!!!!! I totally agree. It is at the core of a lot of illness. If anyone is experiencing it they should find a place to vent it....dump it...release it! Stress is wasted energy. We all have much BETTER things to do with our energy.

Thank You so much for your lovely comments jolo!

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