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I am not a coward but I do believe in having
the CHOICE or FREEDOM or RIGHT of posting
anonymously. Americans always keep going on about rights and freedom in America and whether or not you agree with posting
anonymously, it is not really the point.
Of course you're entitled to your opinion,
but we're all entitled to anonymity. You don't give your phone number or credit card
# or address out to everyone you meet, do you?

I've posted a few time with name and email
address and my email was then full later on
with rude, abusive and and dirty mails from
people who weren't even responding to what
I wrote. They thought it was fun just to
trawl through these Websites and mail garbage
to people. Of course it died out eventually
but I'm busy enough as it is and I was
annoyed at the time I had to waste cleaning
out my mail.

Sorry, but if I'm allowed to cast a vote:


even at the risk of being called a COWARD -
don't care!!!

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