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On 9/3/99 1:53:22 AM, hrwhite wrote:
>My objection is to the
>anonymous postings taking
>cheap shots at members of this
>community. I guess cheap
>shots from anonymous or from
>an alias are about the same
>except with the alias you
>think you know who fired the
>shot. Harry

Harry you're right about some of the cheap shots from "some" of for "some" of the anon posts recently directed at me, if it's who I suspect it is in "real life" you hit it on the head when you classified them as cheap is a "cheap life" person, who displays "itself" as a very pathetic individual with "its" continued harassment of me & my loved ones, "it" has no life to call "its" own and likes to clone "itself" as others, thinking "it" can hide "its" rag weed personality amongst the vining wall of multi-colored morning glories.

As for the use of anonymous, for the most part it sometimes has a place on a bulletin/post site and I just treat it like another name...the "real image or name" most times shows in the context of their posts...

I kind of agree with CharlieJ "take em with a grain of salt", mcgil "there is a reason" & patos "how can we answer" Some of the anon posts have really activated members typing fingers into action keeping the site pretty busy & interesting at time LOL...even some GREAT LAUGHS

I could get technical about it but feel it would only create more complication and give the "raggy anons" more fuel to their thoughts & actions.

Let it go and ignore them...they eventually start exposing themselves, choose to convert to being real people or "poof" themselves into cyber space never to be heard from again.


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