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Yes the Internet had it's 30th Birthday yesterday 9/2/99
not AOL, not Netcom, not Prodigy or any of the providers we're so familiar with today but what I always refer to as "the real internet" before all the fancy stuff such as: colors, graphic, sounds etc. and the convenience of "click n go"

I was very fortunate to be introduced to the Internet in the mid 80's by a dear friend who had worked on parts of the Internet telnet/e-mail/ftp projects while employed by a company contracted to the U.S. Government. Did I have a clue what he was talking about? LOL...NOT! ... it all seemed very interesting and I did get the BIG picture of the fact that the Internet could some day open a whole new and exciting arena for communication around the world. Although I didn't fully understand all the "programmer garble" this communication thing they called the Internet stayed fresh in my mind with tremendous impact & curiosity and the hopes of my some day having access to such a wonderful worldwide communication tool.

Early 1990 I had the privilege of sitting at the keyboard and joining my first "chat channel" Back then (sounding like a net dinosaur now LOL) all one could use was text and UNIX commands...I was taught the basics and was able to "chat" with my family & friends in England, Ireland & Australia who had access to the Internet at their local Universities..."such a deal" no long distance phone rates to worry about, we could chat all night WOW! I could connect to a server type a few commands then type /list and it would give me the names of who was on the router, type /notify and when the person connected I would be alerted (and visa verse) that the person I wanted to talk with was online, one of us would then open a channel, we would both join and chat away...can u imagine sometimes there were as few as 50 thousands upon thousands of nick names flash by...the net has grown for sure & will continue to do so. My connection to the Internet & UNIX knowledge was minimal but always exciting in that I would be in constant amazement of this "cyber space thingy" that brought me such great connection to people around the world.

My Internet learning was really boosted in 1992 when a good friend who I had coached in learning to speak & read English became an Internet Service Provider and honored me with being one of his first connection testers on the super duper 486DX (only 4 people could dial in at the same time) computer in his den that he had programmed & routed (whatever they do) to net connect. A cherished gift I will always be greatful for. His service has grown a bit since the days of that 486 and is now one of the biggest Private Internet providers & data centers on the East Coast.

I was also blessed to be on the Internet in February 1993 when Mosaic Graphical Web Browser (by Marc Andreessen and his team at the National Center For Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) gave the protocol its big boost. Later, Andreessen moved to become the brains behind Netscape Corp.) brought the net to life with color, minimal manual text entry, click n go, sort of user friendly search engines and so much more...Mosaic later took a back seat to Netscape and MS Explorer which today brings motion & sound, interaction and all the GREAT things you're experiencing today by being connected to the Internet.

CELEBRATE the Birthday of the brought us here, keeps us closely connected in sharing our past, creating our now, and for many years still to come will bring us into the future together :))

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