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Mimi, you got the wrong guy for that answer, read back and you will see I am NOT saying we shouldn't have a choice, as a matter of fact, I have REPEATEDLY complained that we don't!!! I believe that if you have something to say -- SAY IT! But don't hide, face the music. My point was that by using Anonymouse HERE you are just hiding because I can STILL get your email address that you signed up with by searching the member profiles. So all you are doing is saying something you don't want to put your name to! If you notice the email address that I use is an Excite address, because I don't care if it gets spammed, since I only check it rarely. I get very LITTLE spam as it is since I trace it all and report the spammer to their ISP. Go back and read the archives if you want to see how many times this problem has popped up on this site. Supposedly though the next update to this board is supposed to give the option of a name without an email address!! Then what will be the Anonymoushole's excuse?

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