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OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDD! I took a trip back to Staten Island today via the thoughtfulness of Mim :)

I came home from work and there it was at the front door a surprise inside, open it and WHOA! it's filled with "I can't find in Florida" delights...Salada Tea and OHHHHHH that MY-T-FINE...Chocolate, Butterscotch & Vanilla. About 5 min. later my daughter arrives from school for dinner and flips when she sees her favorite dessert...chocolate pudding an says (with a BIG pudding eating grin on her face) "Mom you are gonna make some now, right" LOL...So I did and we did, indulge that is...didn't even let it cool all the way. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM so goodddddddddd especially with a nice hot cup of Salada to wash it down ROFLMAO...what a terrific dinner...

Thanks so much Mim...we really enjoyed the "pudding & perfect tea O.D.'ing" you're very special to have gone out of your way in such a thoughtful way to make "My-T-Fine" our day :)

I will now put the rest of the My-T-Fine away for a once a month special day :) and have a Salada a day for the next 200.

If the lights are on, the door is open to SI'ers...C'mon over to the "Right Coast" of Florida for a My-T-Fine dinner real soon so we can share it with you & yours.

Thanks Again


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