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Ahhhh So you're a Taurus heh? I should have known considering the type of Wedding Ceremony you set up! It was very "EARTH" based! *S* Having the desire to have your feet planted on old Terra Firma when those special ~words~ were TRES Earth! *S*

I have no Earth planets in my chart so I'm Earth Challenged! *LOL* It drives my Mother absolutely NUTS! My Mother is as ~Earthy~ as can be....with NO Water in her chart (to the best of my recollection). I on the other hand have oodles of Water!

It makes for a very interesting Mother/Daughter relationship! *LOL*

Anyway....YES! I know what you mean! The jokes seem to be spot on for everyone! *S* We roared here in the Family when we read the Pisces ones. Both my Husband and my Son are Pisces...and I have Neptune all 3 of us are sort of: Huh??? The Light Bulb? What Light Bulb? Where's the Light Bulb??? Did someone mention a Light Bulb? *LOL*

My Daughter is a Sagittarius! She's the Family's Ball of Fire!

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