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On 9/1/99 6:40:09 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>I almost forgot. You're right
>about the yogurt being
>something "cool" to eat. It
>was considered "healthy" so
>that made it "cool". When I
>was working in Manhattan there
>was a point in time where I
>ate frozen yogurt for lunch
>every day. I must have done
>that for about a year. Then,
>one day, by some kind of fluke
>I found out that the chocolate
>chips on my yogurt were really
>carob chips and it never
>tasted quite the same anymore!

Absolutely, right about the carob chips. I think the cool factor, I can still see myself wearing an early '70's "granny dress" led to the big business of frozen yogurt -- like our own Staten Island's "Everything Yogurt" which I kind of remember coming out in the late '70's. Big business and lucrative, I'm sure, judging by the real estate out near the teleport.

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