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Mimi, I just want you to know that your point about hiding email addresses doesn't fit with this site. Anyone that joins this site has to provide an email address to be able to be a "member". Anyone that IS a member can search the member list and get any other members email address. This is the way you get all that lovely spam! A spammer joins this site searches the user database, copies all the email address and then sends you spam from a different email address than they joined with!!! So all this means is that by using the Anonymous moniker, you DON'T have the.....ah....nerve to admit to what you are posting since the database is still open to anyone that joins here.
As another note, I don't allow my daughter to use chat rooms at all, since if you know a little bit about hacking you can get right into someone's computer if they are in a chat room with you. If the person has their real name stored on their computer(as most do) you can now find out where they live or use one of the many online web white pages to find a email address!!! Believe me I know I have done it in AOL's chat rooms and others.
So hiding behind Anonymous is just a coward's way to post something!

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