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Tomato & mayo sandwiches, yum! Especially as sipoet says, when the tomato's are fresh and sun-warmed from the vine.

Olives, yuck! JB, you have a sister with excellent taste.

Actually, one of the foods that will always remind me of home are what we called "ferry pretzels." The big, slightly soggy pretzels that they sold on the ferry. I still remember the pretzel man on the Brooklyn ferry. He would walk around with his basket filled with pretzels, cracker jacks and that awful tasting orange drink (in a megaphone shaped carton). For some reason the pretzels they sold in the city were never the same - probably because they were heated & crisp and not soggy from the salt air. About ten years ago, you could buy these pretzels (sogginess included) at the deli at the corner of Victory Blvd & Slosson Ave -- across from St Theresa's. I wonder if they still have them.
Anyone know?


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