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Excuse me! Did I read correctly? You're trying to say that we who found that original post disgusting are self-righteous? Ahhh I hate to BURST the bubble...but the truth of the matter is actually to the contrary.

It's actually YOU who is being self-righteous.

All the rest of us did was give our opinions. We're entitled to them. You somehow promoted yourself to the exhaulted position of "opinion evaluater"! Funny but...I don't remember anyone holding any elections.

Those of us who saw no value in an 80 something year old being nasty, vindictive and using the "F" word are not "self-righteous"....we were just raised properly with a good value system.

One can be "fiesty" in a positive way. They don't have to speak like a sewer and do horrible things to others to say "Look at me! I'm alive"! And, one would think that by the age of 80 something you would have learned a few life lessons along the way.

I said it was a horrific display of humanity and I remain firm in that...because it was!

It sure does give us insight as to your value system though.

Soooo give it a rest "Anonymous". (Whichever one you are of the skatey eight million that there are here.)

We crack YOU up??? *LOL* Pah-leeze! You're a COWARD! You come riding in with a cocky and insulting attitude and you don't even have the decency to leave your name. It's YOU that's the joke. But then again....that's the way ALL cowards operate! I'm not surprise and unimpressed.

It's always the insulting posts that have no name. I wonder why? *LOL*

However, be all of that as it may, (and it is) it's now it's time for me to do the right thing and give YOU Thanks!

Thank You "Anonymous" for the addition to my files. My dissertation on abnormal pyschology will now be a little larger....courteousy of YOU!

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