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Brady's pond WAS a public place at one time, but the last time I was there(as a teenager -- about 15+ years ago), the police came and told us it was a PRIVATE pond(note the houses on it). The sign is there just the same as there are signs all along the Greenbelt, Bluebelt, and every other belt!!! All it's for is to tell you what the NAME of the place is -- it has NOTHING to do with whether or not it's open to the public.
Aside from that, there have been quite a few drownings in the Pond over the years, due to some serious undercurrents.
There is also a No Swimming sign at the water's edge(at least there was).
The submerged road was used to film the stagecoach and horse chases in many westerns in the early days of film. They used it to make it look like they were fording a stream or river!!

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