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You're right Glyder. I guess I did kinda miss the point of the contest, but jeepers we're only allowed to pick 10???? Sheesh! I love Music! How can I make a choice of only 10???

Oh well, I agree with you on the Platters! Most DEFINETELY!

BTW - Who sang Unchained Melody? I can't remember right now. I love that song! *S*

While I've got you, I wanted to tell you something. Not right now, but hopefully in a few months, I'll be able to tell you what time you were born! *S* (That's if you don't find it out before that!) It's a lengthly process and it requires alot of complex mathematical calculations (which I actually love *S*)...but I've got to do a little more study of of the methodology first! So, if you're still even vaguely interested, start gathering the "dates" and "times" (if possible) for significant events in your life.

As I said though....we've got more than a bit of time here before I become proficient in the we've also got more than enough time to talk about it. *S*

Catch You soon!

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