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Bingo! We have another winner! This is WILD! *LOL* I ALSO have never had plain old Cream Cheese and I ALSO adore Cheese Cake! In fact, Cheese Cake is one of my most favoritist deserts in the world. When I worked in Manhattan, a friend and I would get on the train and go to Juniors for lunch...just to have their Cheese Cake.

Junior's is like the Rolls Royce of Cheese Cakes! Trust me on that! If you've never had it yet....and you're a Cheese Cake should!!!

Re your chart....Yep! You're a Cap alright. You're a Cap with a Virgo Moon! Lot's more there....but since we're paging each other...I won't say any more here now. *LOL*

And YEP!!! It looks like we girls are OUT of the closet....errrr...I mean...PANTRY! *LOL*

Ohhhhh and BTW...before I forget....I saw the Gemini in you chart. You have your North Node in Gemini. The "North Node" is the Direction in which on is suppose to this life! High Five! *S* You're doin it so RIGHT girl! *S*

I have one more confession before I poof....

You know those Creme Cheese and Jelly sandwiches for lunch that you spoke of? Well, that was one wound I was spared. But (and here is the confession) I used to look at the kids eating it and privately say to myself: OH MAN!!!! Am I lucky to have my peanut butter and jelly! *LOL*

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