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Whoa!!!!! Now the similarities between us are entering the incredible category. I too DO NOT like mustard or mayonnaise. Shoot! I hate even typing the words out. I have never ever had THEM least not willingly. ONE time...and one time only....I had one bite of a sandwich that my cousin spiked with mayonnaise because she was that she could "cure" me of my dislike for it.

When I violently threw up on not only her but everyone else too....

....they all decided to give up and leave me alone.

I was only about 5 or 6 when that happened...but I knew right away that there was something pretty danged rotten and perverted about someone...ANYONE...thinking they have the right to tell me WHAT or HOW to eat.

Abuse comes in MANY forms.

BTW....Would you care to ~give up~ your Birth Data???? (Month, Date, Year, Exact Time, Location) If not...that's o.k.! *S*

I'll bet we have ALOT of similarities though.

You aren't a Gemini by any chance are you?

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