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They are opening ton's of those Kohl's stores here too. Guess it will be the new KMart.

Anyone remember Masters on Hylan? My friends mom Aggie Noe use to work there as the receptionist. We spent plenty of time there!

When I was on the Island in November, I saw it had been replaced.

On 8/30/99 6:03:30 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>I don't know if it will be
>true for all of the Caldor's
>that went caput....but my
>Mother-In-Law who lives in New
>Jersey now told me that she
>just heard that something name
>"Kohl" was taking the deposed
>slot near her.
>I guess we'll have to just
>wait, and see heh?
>Re the Candy factory: Yeah!
>That's a tradition in our
>family now. We always go
>there the day before Easter.
>What can I say? We're pokey
>people! *S*

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