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Donna, I am actually the other italian who hates calimari. Actually, I hate all seafood.

I live off of pizza. Believe it or not, there are a few (2 or 3 ) really decent pizza shops here. They are few and far between. I even found one here in Arlington (home of the Texas Rangers!) that makes white pizza. MMMMM. Ah Luhv it!

The rest of the italian food here stinks. The sauce is too sweet, not cooked enough, bland, etc. etc. So I have to make a pot of sauce on Sunday just to have a decent bowl of pasta!


>Believe it or not, I'm probably the only
>Italian that can't stand calimari.
>What's even weirder is that my 100%
>Scandinavian Mom use to make it all the
>time. Now Ralph's Ice...THAT I love. I
>guess the reason we didn't go to Ralph's
>after Dennino's was because it was still
>early in the day. *S*
>But since we're talking about food...
>Do you remember the Bazaar's on Staten
>Island years ago? I loved to buy the
>Zeppoles there, even though my Mother
>always made them at home. There was just
>something extra appealing about the
>crowds and the crisp out door air. I've
>often asked in my Church why we don't
>have them any more (the Bazaar's not the
>Zeppoles *LOL*)...and the answer was:
>"the high cost of insurance".
>What a bummer! They were alot of fun
>and I have alot of great memories from

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