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You may have already seen this site, but I thought it worth a mention: You might want to see if you can contact these folks and get an image sent. Good luck.


On 8/30/99 1:35:25 AM, mcgil wrote:
>I've just spent two hours on
>the web looking for anyone who
>sells posters with a picture
>of the SI ferry on it. I have
>a new office and I want a
>picture of something that
>represents "my roots." And
>what better than the "boat." I
>don't have time to visit the
>Island, so I was trying to
>purchase one by the internet
>or mail-order. But alas, no
>one seems to have one. Can
>anyone help me find someplace
>that would?
>I have my heart set on one for
>my office, so any help would
>be appreciated.

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