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I thought this Gripe and Politivcal Debate section was just to get these kind of stuff away from the regular SI communications. People could come here and put their horns on weither it made sence or not. I have a particular way gripe about the way the current administration has handled the military and the veterans and other important issues but have not gotten on the soap box here. I am particularlly upset about someone running for office in New York for an office that they are not qualified for. It looks like you cannot go to a state run collage without a residancy requirement. The same should apply not only to federally elected positions, but to all elected posts. I am not really interested in what the President does but am interested in not seeing someone who may get elected without
knowing what the people of New York are really about. This does not come by doing political poles or getting to know you chats. It comes from living, breathing, studying for many years. Somthing the first lady does not have the time or intrest to do. It appears that this may be a stepping stone to other things and should not be on the backs of those from NY. I will now get back off the sopap box. Not intended to offend just to say my piece. I am now a resident of a southern state with a bad republican record and a want to be ex-marine who also wants to be a senator, and won't.

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