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I have been patiently waiting for all of the whining about President Clinton to die down. Can't all of you go in a corner and lick your wounds like the rest of the repukelickin party? Anytime anybody says anything about anyone in politics someone(no names)has to start whining about their feelings on OUR PRESIDENT'S PRIVATE LIFE! If he did so much wrong, why didn't Ken(I wanna be a)Starr find anything but his PERSONAL life to bring charges against? It's time for the crying to stop, he's OUR PRESIDENT and all of the whining WON'T change it. By now I think we all know quite well who is against the President, so ENOUGH already!!! It IS getting QUITE old now!!!!
To those of you that feel so strongly against the President, explain to me EXACTLY how the President cheating on his wife affected YOU PERSONALLY, to the point of that seems to be all that you think about(or at least post about).
I am not saying to NOT have feelings one way or the other, but I am saying that it IS time to LET IT GO!

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