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Since we're both so rarely wrong Ace, I figured I better check out my facts!!! It is like this: Phil Collins' first solo album WAS "Face Value" in 1981 and "Hello, I Must Be Going", was produced in 1982. "I Missed Again" was on "Face Value" not on "HIMBG", so I think that makes you right and wrong, and I was wrong in believing that "HIMBG" was the first album!!! So we both ruined our records!!! LOL

If you ARE interested to know all there is to know about Phil Collins(or most any other musical artist)here's a pretty good link for all kinds of info on them:
I don't agree with a lot of their ratings(they rated "No Jacket Required" higher than "HIMBE"), and going by their reviews, I wonder if they REALLY listen to the words of the songs, but the info like discographies(?) and such is great!!! Check 'em out!

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