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The other day had a real friendly and enjoyable conversation with my banker. I had found a house I wanted to buy and we just exchanged our visions of the world. He was elated over the wonderful tax bill ... Congress is working to get passed. Told me that it would help everyone. The lowest income would get a 1% break, the middle group... would get a 6% break and the folk with astronomical amounts of money would get a 13% break.

Told him that I wouldn't rate the 13% break but my expectations were $25 million, so I might get a 9%...break. We talked about my dream house. He started filling out the papers, then asked me what my expectations were based on. I proudly pulled my letter from Ed McMahon out; showed him it said $25 million was on its way to my house.

He turned sought of reddish-blue...and asked his secretary to show me out, even grabbed the cup of coffee out of my hand. He turned even redder in the face when I asked him what was wrong. He said: "You have no expectations of $25 million on that letter; millions of letters like that go out each week."

"Then how can you be so excited about a tax bill that is based on a POSSIBLE future budget surplus?" If he responded I didn't hear it as I was rudely...shoved out of the office. So I'll never know what the difference is between a letter from good ol' Ed and a POSSIBLE tax surplus.

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