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Patos, I DO need help, as all of us do in one form or another. Supporting President Clinton is something I DON'T need help with! Whether or not I support the Clinton's(which I don't--I support The President, as ALL Americans should), had nothing to do with my post. My post was just to make the point of whose morals should we be responsible to! I would not and COULD not be responsible for what you or anyone else believes is moral, as morals are your PERSONAL feelings of right and wrong, as dictated by your Religion, upbringing, and of course culture. The Muslims believe that we are "the immoral west", and we find their beliefs to be somewhat strict and immoral(such as having more than 1 wife).
So again, whose morals should you, I, or even The President be responsible to?
*I do not mean to imply that I in anyway believe that the beliefs of the Muslim community are in anyway immoral, I have used the above as an example only.
(Jeez, again with the lawyer speak!!!)

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