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On 8/18/99 12:40:08 AM, corsair wrote:
>What ever happened to moral

Whose morals are we talking about? Should YOUR morals govern what I should be responsible for? Would you like to be responsible to MY morals?
Morals more often than not, come from religious beliefs. If you are a Jew living in a town full of Baptists, do you feel that you should have to accept what they feel are morals as your own? Think of what YOU feel are you're morals, and I'll bet you that everyone of them lead back to whatever Religious upbringing, or faith you have. I will also bet that I can find a Religion, belief, or culture where what you find morally repugnant would be perfectly fine in their belief or culture.
I feel I am morally responsible to MY morals, and if they agree with yours fine, if not, then too bad. One must answer to one's self, NOT anyone else.
*What I have written is my personal belief and I am not condemning anyone's beliefs or morals, and the example above by no means puts down Jews or Baptists, it is but one of the many examples I could have made.
(Jeez, I sound like a lawyer!!!)

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