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Hello everyone, we need to wake up here!
Anon. sounds like a kid, right? We can't protect everyone in our cyber community from his/her own stupidity, but when I read something like this, I cringe. Anon. better be very careful if she responds to anyone who seriously responds to him/her. There are enough dangerous people out there without courting them, Anonymous. Even if you aren't a kid, don't you have sense enough to read the papers? I shudder when I see a post like yours. I hope you have a good guardian angel, Anonymous, becuase it doesn't seem like you are using your head right now.
There have been PLENTY of people from Staten Island who have been hurt by cyberpostings. A girl was raped by someone whom she met in a chatroom and locked in her trunk a few years ago, as I recall. And that is only what makes it into the papers.
If you want privacy with your boyfriend, try taking a long walk in High Rock Park, or at the meadow at Blue Heron Pond. Go to a coffee shop, hold hands, take a walk down at the Esplanade before sunset, and if you have to have privacy to make out, or have sex, or have an affair, go parking or something, (but make sure to lock your doors).
I only hope the best for you. Let us know how you are doing and how you've found your privacy, because, goodness knows there will be a few of us who will worry about you as we would our own children, or friends.

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