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My cousin on the island sent me a copy of the song contest from the Advance. For the benefit of other emigres, there's a big list of songs, and you're supposed to choose your ten favorites. I think the idea is that you win if your picks come closest to matching the ten songs that get the most votes. That is, you win if you have the most average taste.

There are three categories: Rock/Pop, Broadway, and Standards. I can't figure out how they decided where to put songs that started on Broadway and became standards. Look: they put September Song and Ol' Man River in the Broadway column, but I would've thought that no song could be more standard than those two. On the other hand, Begin the Beguine and They Say It's Wonderful are in the Standards column, but they were originally Broadway songs. Other examples abound.

Night and Day isn't in the list at all, but there's a line provided for write-ins.

I didn't actually pick anything from the Rock/Pop column, but I do like a couple of them: California Dreamin' and Just the Way You Are, for example.

Looks like a pretty interesting contest, all in all.

Jim Donnelly

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