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I like to put pictures from my vacation travel on the web to share with folks who like to do the "virtual vacation" thing. I don't know if this is like what you referred to but try this URL:

I will be replacing it shortly with photos from our recent trip to Spain and Portugal.

I thought of rs when visited Trujillo because Cervantes lived there when he wrote Don Quixote and other great works.

This is also the town that spawned the conquistadors, those arrogant brutal folks who destroyed the advanced civilization of Mayans in Central America to bring home Gold, Land and Glory to Spain.

It is poetic justice that Trujillo is where Cervantes wrote his stories satirizing the arrogance and stupidity of the ruling classes. Both Cervantes and Pizarro are buried near to each other.

I guess one Cervantes makes up for all the conquistadors including Pizarro.


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