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Yeah! I heard the DrAtkins thing works well...but I can't seem to get acclimated to do it! If I'm going to give up all of my favorite things (which is what I'd essentially be doing)......I might as well fast.....which I've done NUMEROUS times...and it works like a charm!

Not only does it help you lose weight...but it clears your head too *LOL*....

'cept for that nasty gnawing sound that emanates from your stomach! *LOL*

O.k.! I tried to post a pic for OT's Birthday...and I had trouble....I don't know why because I've done it here before....but I had trouble! I'm going to give it a try...and if it doesn't work...I'll send out a shout for Art to see if he will help! *S*

*crossing my fingers and saying my prayers*

Ohhh yeah! One more thing!

Re the pun and not ~going there~: Waddaya CHICKEN??? *LOL* (Just kidding! *S*)


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