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OK-she's a secretary at a very big brokerage firm, for a Vice President. What I mean by kind of cute-she's not drop dead gorgeous, and you probably wouldn't pick her out of a large crowd as the girl you'd love to meet, but she's cute ! She has light brown short hair, brown eyes, and is really neat (not cool neat, but clean neat!) And what kind of question is that-has she ever been to FLA ?
Yes, she has, but what made you come up with that one ??? Anyway, she's really nice and I feel bad because all of her sisters are married with children, and she's dying to have a child. But don't let that scare you. She's not a wacko who is just going to settle for anyone-she had plenty of opportunities for that ! I want her to be with a nice, normal but fun, half way good looking guy.
Do you have a sister ? Maybe you can understand what I mean if you do !!!

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