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Art....WOW! You have no idea how true and how synchronistic your post is! Just yesterday I signed up with a friend....who started a "VIRTUAL TRAVELING" thing. I don't have the E-mails in front of me right now...but I think it's called "Happiness Express". Everyone involved (which I believe is about 50 people or so now) "goes" somewhere "virtually" about every two weeks! Is that cool or what???? I would LOVE to see so many places that I know I probably wouldn't get to see if it wasn't "Virtual". *S* I joined late so I have to ~catch up~ on the Tours...but yesterday I did old parts of England. *S* I hope they do the Pyramids in Egypt!!!! Knowing this group....I'm sure that eventually they will. I thought it was a REALLY neat idea.

Now if we take all of that to our ~*Home*~ on Staten Island...wouldn't something like that be really cool???

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