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Having been born in 1940 I can't say that I was (personally) a product of the depression. However, of course my mother was and she NEVER forgot and she was a great teacher.

Mom died three years ago, two weeks shy of her 80th Birthday. To the day she died, she would write and not call from her retirement home in Texas to me in Michigan because, "Long Distance is too expensive," or "It's an Extravagance." Even after I got my own 1-800 number, STILL she wouldn't use it! She re cycled (washed and reused)plastic food storage bags even after I sent her a bullitan from the County Extension Service which strongly advised against the practice because it's nearly impossible to get them REALLY clean. So then I sent her boxes of zip-lock bags and told her that I would keep her supplied with new ones if she would just please throw the used ones away. HAH! All that did was she had a closet full of unopened boxes of zip-lock bags!

I learned to eat EVERYTHING because during the depression you ate what you could get. And in the 1940s you obeyed your parents or you went SERIOUSELY hungry. She served, Beef Liver; Rutabagas & Turnips, Spinach, collard and Dandelion greens; kidneys; Fricasseed Chicken (That's the toughest old and cheapest bird you can find and then you pressure cook the hell out of it. Actually, it's pretty good!); beef tongue; OX Tail Soup (home made); Bread Pudding with raisins; Junket (still one of my favorites); and Eggplant (skinned and sliced fairly thin, dipped in an egg batter and then in bread crumbs and then fried until golden brown.... God but THAT'S good eating but I was never able to get my wife or kids to eat it after the first time. On the other hand, my wife and kids never ate mayonnaise sandwiches either,or Shredded Wheat three times a day (because that's all we had). The point is: Depression Era Parents, if they learned their lessons well, Taught their kids to eat anything that wouldn't kill them AND LIKE IT! Far cry from my Grand kids and THEIR parents!

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