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Wow! Now you're in the "weak" stage. I feel so bad for you ...being that you're so tired and hungry and all. I guess them thar chips have more nutritional value then we give them credit for! *LOL* I mean, look at the profound effect the withdrawl is having on you! *S*

Re the people you mentioned: I'm sorry to say that I don't know any of them, (I come from the North Shore *S*) so I can't help you out there...but I do still have that little bag of wise chips I told you about the other day! If worse comes to worse, I can always scan the bag ...and possibily even a couple of chips....and post the picture! That way you can have VIRTUAL CHIPS! *LOL*

Just let me know if you're interested! *ROTFLOL*

And with Virtual Chips...You won't even have to worry about the calories! *S*

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