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Essentially you're right, but one small correction. I-495 is the DC beltway or bypass, while I-695 is Baltimore. The entire DC beltway was once considered I-495. Sometime about 15-20 years ago they amended the Interstate system, so that the shortest portion of 495 between the Southern entrance/exit and the Northern entrance/exit of I-95 became I-95 itself, describing a direct route. The rest of the beltway remained I-495. I'm sure they did this with others.
But you're right, calling the 1st digit, even numbered of the three digit Interstates a beltway or loop is not entirely correct. The word bypass is definitely more descriptive. I-295 through Southern NJ is a good example. It bypasses Philly, but is definitely not a beltway. Also does a good job of by-passing the NJ Turnpike. There is also an I-295 inside the DC Beltway that provides a quick North/South straight shot just outside the DC Metro area, but well inside the beltway.

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