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Heyyyyy G! What's up girl!!! Now speaking of PIPS....LOL....TADA!!!!!!! Here'ssss Gina!!!

Was that too funny the other day or WHAT? I think we were having Morning coffee together or something??? LOL I know the first line of your reply to me was something like: What are you doing up at this time of the morning? LOL The only other person that talks to me like that is my Mother! *S*

But then again...You've ALWAYS been there for me Friend! Yep! You were there for me right from the get go!

Remember that first meeting??? *S* StatenIslandezzzz talk: You have NO IDEA how totally devastated I was to hear my NON~Domestic friends say they liked my "accent"! *LOL* I said WHAT accent??? I don't have an accent.

The next minute of the conversation was spent in solid laughter...


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