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On 8/18/99 6:08:07 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
>patos...I had to post again!
>I'm STILL laughing! *LOL*
>You're such a trip! *LOL*
>You musta been SOMETHING ELSE
>as a kid!
I can just imagine "baby
>patos"! *ROTFLOL*

YEP! You're Apple-So-Cutely RIGHT Donna

Cause I know first hand LOLLLLLLLLLLL...matter of fact Patos is still "SOMETHING ELSE" in my our and brings the "kid in him" wherever he goith...even with that damned Mid-West accent he has acquired ROFLMAO - the "Statenislandezzz" pops out every few minutes when talking with him...especially in the laugh..............


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