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We have the frozen WC here to, but it's just not the same as an Hot Fresh Slider! I got some last year back in Philly. Also, there's a WC in Nashville, TN (I drove to NY last Thanksgiving and they just happen to see me coming )

I found a bagel place here that said they carried Bialis (i hope that's right) but they were LIARS! They stopped making them cause no one knew what they were.

Believe it or not, I found Gabilla's Coney Island Knishes here. Just like home.

I should have stocked up on everything when I was in NY at Thanksgiving. I may have to make a special trip and bring a

I would consider SoFL. but I am so sick of this heat. We have had 24 straight days over 100 degrees w/o rain. So, my next move is North bound.

Is Cangiano's and Buono's still in business? I use to go to school w/Joey Cangiano. I love their place. They had the best bread.
Oh yeah, bread is something else that stinks here. The only place that makes a good bread is a French restaurant called La Madeleine's.
It must be the water here I found a decent pizza place. They make great NY Pizza and calzones, so I get my fix just fine.

Does anyone remember Circus Pizza? I think it use to be on New Dorp Lane. I use to like it and also the pizza from the place on Lincoln Ave across from the McDonalds on Hylan Blvd. Yummy.

I am gonna have to stop posting messages just before dinner....roflol

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