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DJ If "U" don't want to return to NY, I think ya need to move to South Florida we have all the SI / NY stuff "U" could want cept in 20+ years I still can't fine My-T-Fine puddings, Salada Tea, Pizza like on Staten Island & in NY, Octagon brown soap in bar form, and of course an island full of Staten Islander's w/ no connection to "Da City" cept via ferry boat :)

Found the My-T-Fine once in 20+ years - I'm sure it had arrived at the small deli by accident cause they've never carried it again :(

Salada Tea used to be carried only in the month of December by Publix Supermarket's - or at least not in the Ft. Lauderdale area. They haven't had it in about 5 years now, in any month :(

Pizza ferrrrrrrrgettttIT - there's nothing that could ever take or duplicate the taste & texture of Staten Island & NY Pizza

Octagon soap they carry here in liquid form - but there's something different about the bar soap - I used it for years to bathe our dogs & monkey, (even humans when they had a itchy rash LOL)...and they had fabulous shiny coats, never had any skin problems and very rarely a flea - we came to the conclusion it had to be something in the Octagon Bar Soap that protected them.

Yep! SoFlo has good crumb buns, bagels & all kinds of good stuff - if you search a bit you can find great crunchy crust Italian Bread, even Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday

Boars Head & Wonder are everywhere finally :)) so R "Wise Potato Chips". As for White Castle - just about all the big supermarkets here carry them little square burgers in their frozen food department.

Before White Castle arrived in "frozen form" we used to order direct. WC would ship them via UPS packed in dry ice - they might still do that if your cravings desire is expressed to be strong enough LOL

Now ya got me thinking what else hasn't arrived here yet...ahhhhhhhh I know - all the Former / Current Staten Islanders who post here. U'all (SI slinguage) need to plan to be at the "Staten Island Picnic - Florida" next March :)) so we can have our own "SI Web Gathering" tables & party weekend...Be There :)


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