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On 8/17/99 9:05:05 PM, ~*Donna*~ wrote:
> . . .
>According to it's definition
>(as per the Microsoft Word
>Thesaurus) a "scandal" is a

Aw, Donna!

Are you actually quoting to me from something published by Microsoft? Please don't do that any more.

>The definition of
>"grace" (the same source as
>before) is elegance. Putting
>the "dis" before it makes the
>meaning of it a "lack" of
>elegance. Therefore...a
>"scandal" ...BY
> actually....a
>"lack of elegance".

I see. So Mr. Gates' people think a disgrace is just a possibly lamentable lack of elegance. Is that right? I could have sworn that the origins of disgrace would lead us back in the direction of a lack or misuse of the grace of God. I personally am endowed with absolutely zero elegance, but I don't think that's disgraceful.

>Soooooo, if you wanna call it
>all "poppycock"....

No, I don't want to do that and I didn't do that. I used the term poppycock to refer to hypocritical displays of feigned shock on the part of the President's political opponents. That behavior made a lot of them, to my eyes, seem like very bad people. Pharisaical.

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