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Your question: "What ever happened to moral responsibility?" is one that's being asked frequently today. And do you know why? It's because "moral responsibility" is buried under a pile of LEGISLATION!

Do we need "Laws"? Yes! Of course we do. I'm not trying to intimate otherwise. However, while it is ABSOLUTELY true that moral conscientiousness seems to be in the toilet in America these days....the answer is NOT (as some believe) in more stringent legislation.

It doesn't matter HOW much money is spent or how many overwrought fists pound the CANNOT "legislate" morality it is unequivicably contrary to the very definition of what "morality" is.

Morality is the the "will" to do that which is good and right and proper and conducive to growth and happiness. Once an action is "mandated" it is no longer a CHOICE (or one's "will"). Therefore, by virtue of the very definition of what "morality" is...the two are of different species.

The answer....the quest if you will...for what I've been saying all along. It's to raise MORAL CONSCIENCIOUSNESS. It is NOT to increase legislation.

Until we wake up and realize that we have become wayyyy too desensitized as a society ....and begin to at least TRY to touch the heart and soul of each and every man....NOTHING in society is ever really going to change.

The name of the game isn't imposed structure ....which is all that rules are.

The name of the game is caring, feeling and a return to love based actions.

You can legislate from now till the cows come home....but no "fence" ever stopped a charging bull.

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