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What ever happened to moral responsibility?

A few years ago two of the Dallas Cowboy "star" players appeared on local Dallas TV stations & pronounced that they were not role models to the youth of the community and proceeded to use language that would , in the past, been censored. Guess what, some young people took them at their "word" and said what is good enough for the Cowboys is good enough for us. The community was outraged. Of course they are role models! The players may not have cleaned up their act, but the local media no longer broadcast their x rated outbursts.

The movie Wall Street famous line: "A little greed is good"; so now $100,000,000 to run for president. Who cares where the money is coming from as long as wall street is up! Who care that we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the western world, the highest abortion rate, the highest divorce rate, can't build prisons fast enough.... as long as Wall Street is up and I have MY stock options. (Laided off 18,000 this year, profits rose, million dollar bonus), so what if I bombed a milk/drug factory in a third world country , or a foreign embassy because my experts did not check the phone book, but I looked good in the polls; who cares if I embarrassed my children I will fall before the Lord and cry for forgiveness (until the next sweet thing come along). So maybe we have gone from throw away pets to throw away children, and maybe we are starting to see the results of "if it feels fine just do it!

To paraphrase Charles Mansion, "you threw away your children, they came down highway 101, I gave them food and shelter.....". So who is the blame a teenager with an automatic, a far fringe, or a society that becomes self indulgent?

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