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Now Now Jim.....*hands on hips* I just don't think I can let this one ~slip~ by me! *S* Nope! I think I'm just going to have to step up here and dicker *hehehe* a couple of points here with you on this whole "scandal" concept you have!

Somewhere in the body of your mentioned the definition of "scandal" let's REALLY take a look at that!

According to it's definition (as per the Microsoft Word Thesaurus) a "scandal" is a disgrace. The definition of "grace" (the same source as before) is elegance. Putting the "dis" before it makes the meaning of it a "lack" of elegance. Therefore...a "scandal" ...BY actually....a "lack of elegance".

DING DING DING DING DING! I think we've got a winner here with the Hill/Bill/Monica thingy!!!!! Unless of course you know of some HIDDEN elegance in the whole matter that I DON'T know about! *S* If so....

...hit me with it kid as I'd LOVE to hear it! *S*

I personally happen to think that just about EVERYONE involved was disgraced! I have many (so called) "foreign" friends, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that they could not believe nor understand the way the American people pried and snooped into Bill Clinton's private affairs! (How utterly befitting an expression for this occasion! *LOL*). Most "foreigners" actually thought it was pretty funny to see how tightly wound up and hepped up the American people got about it all. Me? I was embarrassed for us all.

My Non-American friends have no DELLUSIONS of grandeur about their Rulers. They don't IDOLIZE them the way Americans do. Sure.....we "say" we want our leaders to be "one of use"....but then when they are.....we love to crucify them for it.

In most Non-American Countries they don't elect...nor expect...their "rulers" to legislate AND entertain....and let's be honest....that's exactly what it ended up being!

Do you know of any other job, occupation, or vocation where you're REQUIRED to give the ENTIRE UNIVERSE full disclosure of your s*x life!!! I don't!

There's also a Philosophical issue here too in regard to the "lying"...but I think someone else actually mentioned I'll refrain from addressing that issue for the time being.

Anyway, now for the Libra/Fence sitting part! O.k.! I'm hope you're sitting down for this JB...because if just might FALL down! *LOL* You see, I don't know quite how to tell you this...but....well........YESSSSSSS You are very "Libra~ish", and YEP! You've nailed the Libra energy to the hilt. It's Astrological Glyph (or symbol) I'm sure you the "SCALES"! It's the only NON "living" symbol too btw! *LOL* (A bit of Astrological tivia there! *S*) Anyway, just as the SCALES seek does the LIBRA energy. Manifested can be personified as a Lawyer, a Judge, or a Mediator....because PEACE and HARMONY are so important. Manifested becomes INDECISION ....or "people pleasing"!

Now, why am I telling you all of this you might be asking yourself??? Well, there is a reason and it's not the one that you might be thinking! I'm not mentioning it solely because of You. While you are undoubtedly a VERY "Libra" person...

....and here's the SHOCKER....

I would be remiss if I did not tell you that Bill Clinton is as well! Yep! That's right!!! Bill is prominently Libra! He's what's known as "Libra Rising". (Please! No Bill "rising" jokes here gang! *LOL*)

Are you ready for another "shocker"?????

O.k.! Here goes!

Another very prominent "Libra" person is Adolf Hitler! Yep! Old Adolf Hilter was Libra Rising. Add to that list David Koresh and a whole host of others. The list is endless. Of course I'm only giving you the list of those with prominent Libra who have missued the energy. There is an equally, if not longer list, of people with prominenet Libra who manifest it positively. I gave you the others as that you would understand clearly that "energy" (which in this case is the desire for balance) is neither good nor's the way in which it's USED that determines that.

As for Bill, well, he has numerous other aspects in his chart which corroberate the allegations made by Hillary, but the most prominent one...the one which was gave a resurgance to this whole conversation.....was the notion that he was a "woman pleaser".......

...and indeed he is!!!!!! Indeed he is! He took that Libra energy to the same end of the negative spectrum (in a different way of course) as did Hitler, and Koresh and all to many others......

And least there be any misconception at all about what I'm saying ...if my memory serves me correctly......both the Dalai Lama as well as Mother Theresa have prominent Libra! *S* I don't think any more has to be said there!

Ohhhh There is one more thing....

I too am Libra Rising! *BWG*

Soooooo, if you wanna call it all "poppycock"....we'll all call it "poppycock"....

...but to will STILL always be viewed as a scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like to come off my fence either, but when I do....WATCH OUT! *LOL*

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