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I always have a lot of trouble with the ease with which we Americans call things "scandals."

It seems to me that there's no scandal where nobody is scandalized, and the Clinton haters certainly weren't scandalized in the least; they were gleeful. The fence-sitters like me (I'm perpetually perched on my fence; remember telling me that my chart is the most Libra you've ever seen?) we fence-sitters aren't scandalized either, because as you remind us, we're dealing with human beings, all of whom are sleazes. The Clinton fans, if there are any such, almost by definition were not scandalized.

So I propose that we call it "The Monica Lewinsky Incident" or "Party" or "Romp" or "Experience"--but let's not call it a scandal until somebody is scandalized. (A lot of Republican Congressmen pretended that they were scandalized, but . . . you know. Does everybody know the Dutch derivation of the term "poppycock"?)

Jim Donnelly

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